“This short read was just what I needed. Beautifully written from a heart of care and love. These issues have existed for years and aren’t going anywhere soon. Instead of sitting in it, let’s move forward together! Don’t be afraid to make change.”

the world needs your book.

get it out of your heads and into their hands.

I can’t say enough about the team at Streamline. They have been an absolute joy to work with. They managed to keep me on task, which is very difficult in and of itself. They were always professional and very efficient. They truly are responsible for pushing me over the goalline with my book! Thank you, guys!

Hi—I'm Will Severns, and I move stories forward through writing, speaking, and consultation.

I’m going to work on my bio, but it’ll go here.

Your verse. your color. your logo.

wear, learn, and share with membands

“We spent the month of March learning Philippians 4:6-7 as a group, then this last Wednesday we had students recite it to us. I prepared prizes for 20 students. Well I guessed wrong, because we had 30 students memorize the verse using Membands! Some of my leaders took bands for their whole family to memorize. Now we’re on to Galatians 2:20!”

communication and comedy.

liven your event with clarity, joy and purpose.

“Will Severns is a dynamic, creative, passionate and hilarious speaker. Will has a unique gift set. He can be as insightful as a writer and as funny as a stand-up comedian. He has faithfully devoted himself to the less fortunate and, at the same time, forged an entrepreneurial vision. I have personally witnessed Severns’ gifts in action with teenagers and young adults in multiple settings.”



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